Specimen #012 – Formificus


Date: July, 2018

Location: Koh Lon, Thailand

Collected by: DoAR (DiNaCon Field Lab)

Observations: This rare family of ants is prized for their sweet fig-flavoured nectar produced by fungal colonies living inside their gastris. They can be easily picked from trees in early Autumn, when the juice accumulated during the Summer makes them plump and heavy. It has been suggested that the juice is used to attract prey and/or to feed the larvae during the winter.

Methods: analysis by Demitasse image recognition:

Tick (0.1360)

Fig (0.1360)

Ant, emmet, pismire (0.1033)

Ladybug, ladybeetle (0.0819)

Matchstick (0,0686)



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